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Integrated Search


What is an Integrated Search?

Integrated searching allows users to simultaneously search EBSCO databases as well as other electronic journal resources. EBSCOhost basic and advanced searching will provide:
  • Subject clustering
  • Publication clustering
  • Sorting results by Relevancy or Date
  • Date Slider limiter
  • Add to Folders option

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Are all of Coe's databases and electronic resources included in the Integrated Search?

NO. There are 108 different database provided by Stewart Memorial Library. Those that are included are the major databases that you will use for retrieving journal articles and citations. There are 37 that are included. See a complete list of those included in Integrated Search.                                                                                                 
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Are duplicate results removed from the result list in EBSCOhost Integrated Search?

Yes. EBSCOhost Integrated Search  "de-dupes" multiple instances of one record and displays only the one with the most information included (i.e. full-text, longer abstract, more relevant.)

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Can I export my EBSCOhost Integrated Search Results to citation building programs?

Yes, all appropriate results can be exported to Bibliographic Managers, (such as RefWorks, EndNote, etc.) using the EBSCOhost Export function.

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Can I use my existing My EBSCOhost folder with EBSCOhost Integrated Searching?

Yes, your existing My EBSCOhost folder will function when using EBSCOhost Integrated Search. Any results you save from external providers will be saved under Other Content Sources in your folder.       

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Can I save Integrated Search results from non-EBSCOhost sources to my personal My EBSCOhost folder?

Yes, you do have the ability to add EBSCOhost Integrated Search articles from non-EBSCOhost (external) sources to your My EBSCOhost folder. These results will appear in your folder in the Other Content Sources area.

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Do my saved My EBSCOhost preferences work in EBSCOhost Integrated Search?

Yes, all current saved My EBSCOhost preferences work with EBSCOhost Integrated Search.

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