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Class Mascots:
from the 1910 Acorn

Mascot - Freshman Class of 1912Freshman class of 1912

Colors: Gold & Brown
Mascot: Tiger
Class Yell:
Zipazanga, Zipazanga, Zipazanzga Ze
C-O, C-O, C-O-E
Bow-Wow, Bow-Wow, Bowwow, Biger
T-I, T-I, T-I, Tiger
Bum Bo, Bum Bo, Bum Bo Delve
Freshmen, Freshmen, 1912

Class of 1911Class Mascot 1911

Colors: Old Gold & Purple
Mascot: Bull Dog
Class Yell:
E, Ah, Ah, Oh
Allakernack, Kernack, Kernack
Bob-Tailed, Vinegar, Rack, Rack, Rack
Arrabah, Arrabah, Arrabah, Nah
Nineteen Eleven
Rah! Rah! Rah!


Class Mascot 1910Class of 1910

Colors: Cardinal & Steel Gray
Mascot: Owl
Class Yell:
Ka'Lack, Ka'Lack Ka'Gitteral Tack
Ka Lickity, Lackity Killa, Koree
Ka Lick, Koree, Ligitimitee
Nineteen Ten C-O-E

Class of 1909Class Mascot of 1909

Colors: Black & Scarlet
Mascot: Lion
Ri Ro Ri Ro
Fee Fi Fo
Nineteen Nine
Best At Coe