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Welcome to Quantitative Measurement. This session is part of the iBench series.

When practicing science it is important to document our observations by describing the characteristics that are important in understanding the object of interest. We can describe a characteristic qualitatively or quantitatively.

  • A qualitative description of a relevant characteristic does not include a numerical measurement. Click for an example.
  • A quantitative description of a relevant characteristic involves a numerical measurement. Click for an example.

These are concepts you’ll need to understand for every lab you will complete in your college career and beyond.

After completing this module, you should be able to understand:

  • The difference between a qualitative and a quantitative measurement.
  • The concepts of accuracy and precision.
  • The use of significant figures and scientific notation.
  • Calculations involving units, concentrations, and rates.
  • How to make solutions and dilutions correctly.
  • The importance of presenting complex data in graphs.
  • The use of standard curves.

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