Drawer No. Name Composer Arranger Instrumentation Notes
BR 1 Trio for Brass Instruments Sanders, Robert tpt, horn, trombone
BR 2 Canzona Prima a 5 Gabrieli, Giovanni Fromme, Arnold brass quintet
BR 3 Caprice in F Roberday, Francois Smith, Roger brass quartet parts only
BR 4 Canzona per sonare No. 2 Gabrieli, Giovanni King, Robert brass quartet
BR 5 El Querido Gayo Guentzel, Gus brass sextet missing 1/2 cornet
BR 6 Menuetto from Quartet No. 2 Ramsoe, Wilhelm King, Robert brass quartet
BR 7 Motet and Royal Fanfare des Pres, Josquin King, Robert brass quartet missing tpt 1 & 2
BR 8 Chappell's Famous Brass Quartettes Carver, Edgar R.  brass quartet missing cornet 1?
BR 9 Two Madrigals Wilbye, John Baldwin, David brass quintet parts only
BR 10 Divertimento  Adler, Samuel Brass Choir
BR 11 Three Christmas Carols Blumenthal, Ted Brass Quintet parts only
BR 12 Air and Bourree Bach, J.S.  Bell, W. J. Tuba solo w/ piano
BR 13 Twas the Brass before Christmas Baldwin, David brass quintet 1 & 2 tpt only
BR 14 Trio Brilliante Barnard, Floyd Cornet trio w/ Piano piano needs repair
BR 15 Tragic March Beckhelm, Paul 12-pt. Brass Choir w/ Perc. 
BR 16 Fourth Mvt. From Quartet Op. 18, No. 2 Beethoven Corley, John brass quartet parts only
BR 17 Tournament of Trumpets Bennett, David 3-4 Tpts/Crnts w/ piano acc.
BR 18 Suite for Brass Quartet Bergsma, William brass quartet
BR 19 Rokoczy March Berlioz, Hector Lotzenhiser, George trombone quartet
BR 20 Images White, Gary solo Tbone and 3 Tbones
BR 20 Brass quintet plus two brass quintet, bass & drums 8 books/ 2 env.
BR 21 Ceremonial March  Calabro, Louis brass and percussion
BR 22 Georgia Owen Trombones & Rhythm parts only
BR 23 Christmas Carols various various parts and songs
BR 24 Hymns for Brass brass  parts only
BR 25 Flirtations Clarke, Herbert cornet solo/duet/trio w/ piano
BR 26 Side Partners Clarke, Herbert Cornet duet w/ piano
BR 27 The Three Aces Clarke, Herbert Cornet trio w/ Piano
BR 28 Tarantella Fitzgerald, Bernard brass quartet
BR 29 Intrada Berger, Jean brass quartet Tbone 1 and score
BR 30 Canzona per sonare No. 4 Gabrieli, Giovanni King, Robert brass quartet
BR 31 Two Lyric Pieces Converse, Frederick brass quintet
BR 32 Ceremonial Fanfare Copland, Aaron brass ensemble
BR 34 Fanfare (to precede the ballet La Peri) Dukas, Paul Barrington, Wayne Brass quintet parts only
BR 35 Holy, Holy, Holy Seversen, Paul and Mark McDunn Trombone quartet
BR 36 Quintet No. 2 Ewald, Victor brass quintet parts only
BR 37 Quintet (B minor) Third Mvt. Ewald, Victor Voxman, H. brass quintet
BR 38 Symphony for Brass Choir Ewald, Victor brass choir
BR 39 Excelsior Brass Quartette Album de Ville, Paul brass quartet parts only
BR 40 Scherzino  Fitzgerald, Bernard four trumpets parts only
BR 41 Gage d'Amour Frangkiser, Carl horn quartet parts only
BR 42 Canzoni 27 & 28 Gabrieli, Giovanni brass octet
BR 43 Canzon septimi toni No. 2 Gabrieli, Giovanni 8-pt brass choir
BR 44 Canzon duodecimi toni Gabrieli, Giovanni King, Robert 10-pt brass choir
BR 45 Canzona per sonare No. 1 Gabrieli, Giovanni King, Robert 4-pt brass choir
BR 46 Caledona Gault, George brass quintet
BR 47 Canzon Primi toni Gabrieli, Giovanni King, Robert 8-pt brass choir
BR 48 Gems of Operas and Overtures Lake, M.L. brass quintet
BR 49 Polonaise - No. IV Guentzel, Gus Brass sextet
BR 51 Four Moods for Brass Quintet Harris, Arthur Brass Quintet
BR 52 The Triple Trumpeteers Harris, Harold Trumpet polka
BR 53 Sonatina for Tuba and Piano Hartley, Walter Tuba and Piano
BR 54 Sonate fur vir Horner Hindemith, Paul horn quartet Horn IV
BR 55 Morgenmusik Hindemith, Paul four trumpets
BR 56 Castillia (Bolero) Holmes, G.E. Brass Sextet
BR 57 Sonatina for Brass Quintet Homzy, Andrew brass quintet
BR 58 Fantasy No. V for Brass Choir Hovhaness, Alan brass choir
BR 59 Sharagan & Fugue Hovhaness, Alan 4-pt brass choir
BR 60 O G.O.H.I.A.P. brass choir
BR 61 Parade of the Wooden Soldiers Jessel, Leon brass quartet
BR 62 Mood Militant Johnson, Clair W. brass quintet
BR 63 Suite for Six Horns Johnson, Roger horn sextet
BR 64 Scherzo  Johnson, William Spencer brass quintet
BR 65 Star-Spangled Banner brass quintet
BR 66 A Requiem in Our Time Rautavaara, Eino 13-pt brass choir w/ perc.
BR 67 God is Almighty Kirk brass choir
BR 68 Trifolium Leidzen, Eric Cornet trio (solo, duet)
BR 69 Triolet Leonard, Cuyler Hershey Cornet trio w/ piano
BR 70 Sonatina Expressiva McKay, George Frederick brass quintet
BR 71 Theme and Four Variations Merriman, Thomas brass choir
BR 72 Music for Five Moss, Lawrence brass quintet
BR 73 Rondeau Mouret, Jean Joseph King, Robert brass choir
BR 74 Musica Festiva Schilling, Hans Ludwig brass ensemble
BR 75 Ancient Hungarian Dances Nelhybel, Vaclav brass ensemble and percussion
BR 76 Providebam Dominum de Lassus, Orlande brass ensemble
BR 77 Hodie Christus Natus Est Palestrina LaBauve, Jack 8-pt brass choir
BR 78 Ricercar del primo tuono Palestrina King, Robert brass quartet
BR 79 Five-Part Brass Music Pezel, Johann 2 trumpets, 3 trombones
BR 80 Hora Decima Pezel, Johann 2 trumpets, 3 trombones 40 sonatas
BR 81 Sonata No. 2 Pezel, Johann King, Robert brass quintet
BR 82 Music for Queen Mary II Purcell, Henry 4-pt brass choir
BR 83 Trumpet Voluntary Purcell, Henry six brass, 2 perc, and organ
BR 84 Two Trumpet Tunes and Ayre Purcell, Henry 4-pt brass choir
BR 85 Quartet No. 4 Ramsoe, Wilhelm brass quartet parts only
BR 86 Scherzo  Cheetham, John brass quintet parts only
BR 87 Sonata No. 18 Reiche, Gottfried brass choir
BR 88 Nonet for Brass Riegger, Wallingford brass nonet
BR 89 Suite for Brass Quartet Sanders, Robert brass quartet
BR 90 Canzona Bergamasca Scheidt, Samuel De Jong, Conrad brass quintet
BR 91 Canzon Belgicam Scheidt, Samuel Olson, Gary brass quintet
BR 92 Prelude and Gavotte Schmutz, Albert brass quintet
BR 93 Fili Mi, Absalon Schutz, Heinrich trombone quartet
BR 94 Mark's IV Seversen, Paul McDunn, Mark trombone quartet
BR 95 Fripperies - Volumes 2 and 5 Shaw, Lowell horn quartets
BR 96 First Quintet Simon, A. Wilson, Don brass quintet
BR 97 A Night in June King, K.L. Holmes, G.E. Brass Sextet parts only - missing 1
BR 98 Prelude and Dance Bezanson, Philip Brass sextet parts only
BR 99 Contrapunctus IX from Art of the Fugue Bach, J.S.  Glasel, John brass
BR 100 Fugue IV a 5 Bach, J.S.  Brockway, Oliver brass quintet parts only
BR 101 Centone No. 1 Dufay, Guillaume brass
BR 102 The Wayfarer Holmes & Smith Brass sextet parts only
BR 103 Bolero Smith, Walter Trumpet trio
BR 104 The Three Stars del Staigers cornet trio w/ Piano
BR 105 Just Bach Tanner, Paul four trombones
BR 106 Romance Op. 5 Tchaikovsky brass choir
BR 107 Fanfares Liturgiques Tomasi, Henri brass ensemble and percussion
BR 108 Blaser-Suite Viecenz, Herbert brass ensemble
BR 109 Introduction to Act III (Die Meistersinger) Wagner, Richard Brass choir
BR 110 Andante Maestoso Weber, Carl Maria von Shiner, Matty trombone choir missing bass tb 2
BR 111 Diversions  White, Donald Brass sextet
BR 112 Fantasia Ward, Robert brass choir and timpani
BR 113 brass quintet No. 2 Wilder, Alec brass quintet
BR 114 Diversion for six trombones Tull, Fisher trombone sextet
BR 115 J.D. Artot Artot, J.D. McDunn, Mark and Clifford Barnes trombone quartet
BR 116 Rhapsodic Interlude Koepke, Paul Trombone trio w/ piano
BR 117 Silent Night Seversen, Paul and Mark McDunn trombone quartet
BR 118 Jingle Bells Seversen, Paul and Mark McDunn trombone quartet
BR 119 Christmas Trombones Christensen, James and Mark McDunn trombone quartet
BR 120 Easter Trombones Christensen, James and Mark McDunn Trombone quartet
BR 121 Alexander's Ragtime Band Berlin, Irving Gale, Jack Trombone quartet
BR 122 76 trombones Wilson, Meredith 9 trombones
BR 123 Bosco Rosco Pederson, Tommy brass quintet
BR 124 Sonata da Camera Hartley, Walter trombone and 4 winds
BR 125 Finlandia Sibelius, Jean Trombone quartet
BR 126 Fanfare for the Common Man Copland, Aaron brass choir and percussion
BR 127 In A Little Spanish Town Wayne, Mabel and Lewis & Young Bradford, Chuck 3Tpt, 2 TB, Piano, Str. Bs, Drums
BR 128 Ten Trios for Tubas Wilder, Alec 3 Tubas parts only
BR 129 Suite for Two Tubas Wilder, Alec 2 Tubas score format
BR 130 Antiphony No. 2 Gabrieli, Giovanni Anthony, G.W. Double Brass Choir
BR 131 Bayerische Polka Traditional Schmidt, Dankwart Tuba Quartet parts only
BR 132 Three Pieces Maurer, Ludwig Nagel, Robert brass quintet
BR 133 Giant Steps Coltrane, John Zvacek trombone quartet
BR 134 What Game Shall We Play Today Corea, Chick Owen 4 tbones and rhythm
BR 135 Scarborough Fair Garfunkel Reichenbach, Bill Trombone Quartet
BR 136 Come Thou Almighty King Seversen, Paul and Mark McDunn trombone quartet
BR 137 Quadrabones Green, Urbie Hyman, Dick trombone quartet
BR 138 Sonata from Die Bankelsangerlieder Anonymous King, Robert brass choir
BR 139 Twenty-Four Early German Chorales King, Robert 4-pt trombone choir
BR 140 Three Movements for Trombone Quartet Knox, Gary trombone quartet
BR 141 We Gather Together Christensen, James and Mark McDunn trombone quartet
BR 142 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Seversen, Paul and Mark McDunn trombone quartet
BR 143 Georgia on My Mind Owen tbone quartet & rhythm
BR 144 Cat Nip Pederson, Tommy Trombone quartet
BR 145 Burlesque Raph, Alan trombone quartet
BR 146 Christmas Music Rasmussen, Mary 4-pt brass choir
BR 147 Three Jazz Charts Seibert, Bob trombone quartet
BR 148 Suita na 4 Puzony Serocki, K. trombone quartet
BR 149 Suite of Carols Anderson, Leroy brass choir
BR 150 A Study in Texture Tanner, Paul trombone quartet
BR 151 Sixteen Chorales Bach, J.S.  King, Robert 4-pt trombone choir score format
BR 152 Trombone Troubadours Bennett, David trombone quartet w/ piano
BR 153 Rakoczy March Berlioz, Hector Lotzenhiser, George trombone quartet
BR 154 Medley various brass quintet
BR 155 Moods Borowski, Felix Brass Sextet
BR 156 Little Jazz Waltz Seibert, Bob Trombones & Rhythm Jazz
BR 157 16th Century Carmina Anonymous Glasel, John brass quintet
BR 158 Contrapunctus III from The Art of Fugue Bach, J.S.  King, R.D. brass choir parts only
BR 159 Music for Brass Instruments Dahl, Ingolf brass quintet
BR 160 Sonata Buonamente, Giovanni Batista Brass Choir
BR 161 Toccata Haines, Edmund brass quartet
BR 162 5 Miniatures Starer, Robert Brass Quintet
BR 163 Contrapunctus I from The Art of Fugue Bach, J.S.  King, Robert Brass Choir
BR 164 Beguine for Trombones Christensen, James Tbone quartet w/ band acc.
BR 166 Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most Wolf, Tommy Owen trombone quartet
BR 167 Sonata for Brass Quartet Trevarthen, Richard brass quartet parts only
BR 168 100 Duets for French Horn - Book 1 Franz, Oscar Sansone, Lorenzo two french horns
BR 169 Canzona per Sonare No. 3 Gabrieli, Giovanni 4-pt. brass choir
BR 170 Quintette Busch, Carl brass quintet
BR 171 Prelude, Theme et Variations en Mi Majeur Rossini, Gioacchino Leloir, Edmond horn and piano
BR 172 Concerto No. 1 in D Major Haydn, Joseph horn and piano
BR 173 Divertimento No. 2 Mozart, W. A.  Walshe, Robert C. three horns
BR 174 Classical Album for Horn and Piano Willner, Arthur horn and piano
BR 175 Two Bach Fugues Bach, J.S.  Teuber, Fred W. brass quartet
BR 176 Es Ist Ein Ros' Entsprungen Brahms, Johannes Niven, Lewis brass quintet
BR 177 Two Medieval Motets Anonymous King, Robert brass trio
BR 178 Ricercar del duodecimo tuono Gabrieli, Andrea King, Robert brass quartet
BR 179 His Humour Farnaby, Giles Dishinger, Ronald C. brass quartet
BR 180 Madrigal "Fly Love Aloft" Wilbye, John Baldwin, David brass trio
BR 181 In Modo Religioso Glazunov, Alexander brass quartet
BR 182 Allegro Brioso Johnson, William Spencer brass quartet
BR 183 Fantasia Ward, John Baldwin, David brass quintet
BR 184 Memoriam Johnson, Harold M. brass quintet
BR 185 Exhibition Tull, Fisher brass quintet
BR 186 O Come, All Ye Faithful Haerle brass choir handwritten
BR 187 Sleigh Ride Anderson, Leroy unknown brass choir + bass handwritten pts
BR 188 A Maze With Grace Aldert, Thomas brass ensemble Low Brass Day
BR 189 Grande Polka Yarbrough, Stephen brass ensemble Low Brass Day
BR 190 Le Cynge / Kangaroos brass ensemble handwritten pts, Low Brass Day
BR 191 What'er My God Ordains is Right Pachelbel Bach, Smith brass ensemble Low Brass Day
BR 192 Play That Country Tuba, Cowboy Vandals, the Shanley, Steven solo tuba with narrator, brass ens. and percussion Low Brass Day
BR 193