Lib No. Year Used Composer Arranger Title
MB 1 Alexander, R. International Vaudeville March
MB 2 Alexander,  R. Colossus of Columbia March
MB 3 Alford, Harry  L. ?
MB 4 Alford, Harry L Colonel Bogey
MB 5 Arlen, Harold Halle, R. L. I Love A Parade
MB 6 Bagley, E. F. National Emblem
MB 7 Barnard,  George D. Alabama Dream
MB 8 Barnhouse, C. L. Land of Plenty March
MB 9 Bellstedt, Herman Victory Day
MB 10 Bergeim, Jos. Chimes of Victory
MB 11 Berlin, Irving Yoder, Paul Alexander's Ragtime Band
MB 12 Bigelow, F. E. Hildreth, R. E. Our Director
MB 13 Bennet, David The Marines' Hymn
MB 14 Hail To The Chief
MB 15 Beyer, E. National Melodies
MB 16 Blankenburg, H. L. The Gladiator's Farewell
MB 17 Boos, F. O. The Old Call March
MB 18 van Boskerck Semper Paratus
MB 19 Briegel, George F. Military Services
MB 20 Brockenshire, J. O. Glory of the Trumpets
MB 21 Brockenshire, J. O. Captain Anderson
MB 22 Buglione, A.
MB 23 Burch, H. W. Alford, Harry L. 100% March
MB 24 Cacavas, John Moffit, Bill Discover America
MB 25 Carazo, Castro The R.O.T.C. Cadets
MB 26 Carey, Henry Yoder, Paul American Melodies
MB 27 Chambers, W. Paris Roberts, Charles J. Chicago Tribune
MB 28 Chambers, W. Paris Hostrauser's March
MB 29 Chenette, Gene Chenette, Ed Waterloo Legion Band
MB 30 Chopin, Frederick Funeral March
MB 31 Alexander, Russel Baltimore's Boast March
MB 32 Alexander, Russel The Bastinado Galop
MB 33 Barnhouse, C. L. The Battle of Shiloh
MB 34 Evans, Merle Galop "Fire Jump"
MB 35 Lowery, P. G. Galop "Prince of Decorah"
MB 36 Huff, Will Go (Galop)
MB 37 Huffer, Fred K. March "Gollmar Brother's Triumph"
MB 38 English, W. P. March- "Neel's Fashion Plate"
MB 39 Vandercook, H. A. March Olevine
MB 40 Alexander, R. Olympia Hippodrome March
MB 41 Henry, S./ Onivas, D. Onivas, D. Pahjamah
MB 42 Sweet, Albert C. Ringling Brothers Grand Entry
MB 43 Withrow, Buell N. Dunmark, Ribe` Trombonium  (Characteristic March)
MB 44 King, K. L. Walsenburg Galop
MB 45 Cohan, George M. Yoder, Paul Over There
MB 46 Costa, P. M. Seredy, J. S. A Frangesa! (March)
MB 47 Crawford, Robert The U.S. Air Force
MB 48 Crawford, Robert Bennett, David The Army Air Corps
MB 49 Crimson and Gold
MB 50 Duble, C. E. Bravura
MB 51 Dvoracek, J. Tryner, F. Sokols Triumphal March
MB 52 Eisenberg R. B. An Autumn Sunset
MB 53 Eisenberg, R. B. The Radiogram
MB 54 Cacavas, John Starburst
MB 55 Farrar, O. R. Bombasto
MB 56 Faster, O. Lewis, W. On the Belvedere
MB 57 Fillmore, Henry Americans We
MB 58 Fillmore, Henry Gifted Leadership
MB 59 Fillmore, Henry The Klaxon
MB 60 Fillmore, Henry Lassus Trombone
MB 61 Fillmore, Henry Men of Ohio
MB 62 Fillmore, Henry Noble Men
MB 63 Fillmore, Henry The National Press Club
MB 64 Fillmore, Henry The Footlifter
MB 65 Fillmore, Henry The Man of the Hour
MB 66 Fillmore, Henry The Marvel
MB 67 Fillmore, Henry Troopers Tribunal March
MB 68 Fisher, Fred Yoder, Paul Chicago
MB 69 Fucik- Laurendeau Thunder and Blazes
MB 70 Goldman, Edwin Franko The Chimes Of Liberty
MB 71 Ganne, Louis Roberts, Charles J. Father of Victory
MB 72 Goldman, Edwin Franko On Parade
MB 73 Goldman, Edwin Franko Leidzen, Erik Old Glory Forever
MB 74 Grafulla-Hunsberger The Star Spangled Banner
MB 75 Grafulla, C. S. Reeves, G.H. Washington Grays
MB 76 Hall, R.B. Officer of the Day
MB 77 Hall, R.B. Buchtel, Forrest L. Tenth Regiment March
MB 78 Hall, R.B. March "Independentia"
MB 79 Hall, Ellis B Alford, Harry L. Innesonian March
MB 80 Hall, R.B. March "W.M.B."
MB 81 Huffer, Fred K. St. Bernard Commandery March
MB 82 Huffer, Fred K. Hail to America
MB 83 Huffer, Fred K. March of the Champions
MB 84 Huffine, G.H. Them Basses
MB 85 Huff, Will The Squealer
MB 86 Huff, Will Golden Plume
MB 87 Innes, F.N. Love  Is King, March
MB 88 Iasilli, Geraldo American Army
MB 89 Jewell, Fred Cadet Days
MB 90 Jewell, Fred Circusdom March
MB 91 Jewell, Fred Gentry's Triumphal March
MB 92 Jewell, Fred Legion of Honor
MB 93 Jewell, Fred Imperial Council
MB 94 Jewell, Fred Our Special March
MB 95 Jewell, Fred Pageant of Progress
MB 96 Kander, John/ Ebb, Fred Hunter, Frank Cabaret
MB 97 Kander, John/ Ebb, F. Willkommen (Welcome)
MB 98 Keller, Don Trombones Triumphant
MB 99 Kiefer, W. H. Kiefer's Special
MB 100 King, K. L. Big Four
MB 101 King, K. L. General Grant
MB 102 King, K. L. International Favorites
MB 103 x King, K.L. Barnum and Bailey's Favorite
MB 104 King, K. L. Carrollton March
MB 105 King, K.L. The Big Cage
MB 106 King, K. L. King Henry
MB 107 King, K. L. 147th Field Artillery
MB 108 King, K. L. Hosts of Freedom
MB 109 x King, K. L. The Iowa Band Law
MB 110 King, K. L. Military Life
MB 111 King, K. L. Sells- Floto Triumphal
MB 112 Klein, J. G. Hayes, Al The Booster
MB 113 Klohr, John N. Men of Valor
MB 114 Klohr, John N. March. Onward Christian Soldiers
MB 115 Klohr, John N. March- The Spotlight
MB 116 Klohr, John N. The Soaring Eagle
MB 117 Klohr, John N. Shoulder to Shoulder
MB 118 Klohr, John N. Fellowship March
MB 119 Klohr, John N. Vigilance March
MB 120 Klohr, John N. Class Room and Campus
MB 121 Klohr, John N. The Billboard MArch
MB 122 Klohr, John N. Blanchester
MB 123 Klohr, John N. March HEADS UP
MB 124 Kmoch, FR. At the Mill March
MB 125 Kmoch, FR. Koline, Koline
MB 126 Knight-Logan/ Eppel The Missouri Waltz
MB 127 Lake, M. L. Slidus Trombone
MB 128 Lake, M. L. Iron Mountain
MB 129 Lavalle, Paul The Merrymakers
MB 130 Lavalle, Paul United Press March
MB 131 Lavalle, Paul Band of America March
MB 132 Lavalle, Paul/ Tarto, Joe Good Fellowship March
MB 133 Lavalle, Paul/Tarto Big Joe, The Tuba
MB 134 Lentz, Donald Pantomime
MB 135 Mader, Carl Chicago Police Band March
MB 136 Mader, Carl Chicago World's Fair Centen. Celeb. 1933
MB 137 Mader, Carl Army- Navy- Marines A.E.F. March
MB 138 Mader, Carl Lucky Slim
MB 139 Mader, Carl 33rd Division March
MB 140 Mader, Carl March- Salute to the Twin Cities
MB 141 Mc Coy, E. E. Lights out
MB 142 Mc Rae, William March "Dixieland Band"
MB 143 Mitchell, G.F. Caesar's Triumphal March
MB 144 Hall, Milt. H. Cotton Blossoms
MB 145 Miles/ Zimmerman Yoder, Paul Anchors Aweigh
MB 146 Pryor, Arthur Morton, Frank A Coon Band Contest
MB 147 Nelhybel, Vaclav Ceremonial Music
MB 148 Nyquist, Morine Flashing Brass
MB 149 Ory, E. Beeler, Walter Muskat Ramble
MB 150 Otto, Sara Lowden/Rob.&Jeffry Iowa Pride
MB 151 Owen, Jerry Fanfare
MB 152 Panella, Frank A. On the Square
MB 153 Panella, Frank A. Sir Knights March
MB 154 Riggs, John H. Favorited Band
MB 155 Richards, J.J. Hail America
MB 156 Rosas, J. Morton, Frank Over the Waves
MB 157 Rosenkrans, George
MB 158 Scott-Textor Ludlow, Ben U.S. Air Force Blue
MB 159 Sousa, J. P. The Corcoran Cadets March
MB 160 Sousa, J. P. El Capitan March
MB 161 x Sousa, J. P. Washington Post March
MB 162 Sousa, J. P. The Liberty Bell
MB 163 Sousa, J. P. Semper Fidelis March
MB 164 Sousa, J. P. The Gallant Seventh
MB 165 Sousa, J. P. The Fairest of the Fair
MB 166 Sousa, J. P. Hands Across the Sea
MB 167 Sousa, J. P. The High School Cadets
MB 168 Sousa, J. P. King Cotton
MB 169 Sousa, J. P. Manhattan Beach
MB 170 Sousa, J. P. Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
MB 171 Sousa, J. P. Yoder, Paul National Fencibles
MB 172 Sousa, J. P. Our Flirtations
MB 173 Sousa, J. P. The Occidental March
MB 174 Sousa, J. P. The U.S. Field Artillery March
MB 175 Sousa, J. P. The Rifle Regiment March
MB 176 Sousa, J. P. The Thunderer
MB 177 St. Clair Steel King
MB 178 Strauss, J. Laurendeau, L. P. Radetzky
MB 179 Talbott, William M. March Militaire
MB 180 Taylor, J. S. Victory Parade
MB 181 Teike, C. Laurendeau, L. P. The Conqueror
MB 182 Teike, C. Laurendeau, L. P. Old Comrades March
MB 183 Tryner, F. Na Prej (March)
MB 184 Wagner, J. F. Laurendeau, L. P. Under the Double Eagle
MB 185 Wagner, Richard Jaeger, C. H. Troop- "Rienzi"
MB 186 Wahl, Ralph Pas Accelere
MB 187 Wahl, Ralph Austeritz
MB 188 Wahl, Ralph Marche Des Eclopes
MB 189 Wahl, Ralph Champ D' Honneur
MB 190 Wahl, Ralph La Grenadjere
MB 191 Wahl, Ralph Pas Cadence Des Sans- Culottes
MB 192 Wells, J. E. Winning Colors
MB 193 Noble, Ray Cherokee
MB 194 Willison, Meredith Lang, Philip J. Seventy Six Trombones
MB 195 Willcocks, G. H. Sarafand
MB 196 Van Etten, Theodore C. Alford, Harry L. Go! Northwestern Go!
MB 197 Varsity in Drag
MB 198 Ventre, Frank Our United States
MB 199 Vessella, M. Mondrone, P. Pasadena Day
MB 200 Yoder, Paul Football Fanfares
MB 201 Yoder, Paul The Marines' Hymn
MB 202 Zehle, W. Wellington March
MB 203 Ziegler, Elmer The Service Board
MB 204 Ziegler, Elmer The Service Star
MB 205 Ziegler, Elmer The Service Flag
MB 206 Howard, James N. Lavender, Paul Grand Canyon Fanfare
MB 207 DiCapua, E. Laurendeau, L.P. Maria, Mari
MB 208 DiCapua, E. Laurendeau, L.P. Beneath thy Window
MB 209 Lyman, Glenn Coe Band March