Coe College Bands

Spring Tour 2000

(from the Collection of Beth Fay)

Yellowstone National Park

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Artist's Point Bacteria Bear Beehive geyser Bison Coyote
Geyser1 Guide Historic Hotel Hot Springs1 Hot Springs2 Hot Springs3
Hot Springs4 Hot Springs5 Hot Springs6 Hot Springs7 Alpine Lake Mammoth1
Mammoth2 Paint Pots Old Faithful Waterfall1 Waterfall2 Waterfall3


The Rest of the Tour

Music Museum Music Museum Music Museum Badlands Badlands
Devils Tower Devils Tower Folk Life Festival Folk Life Festival Seattle
Canon Beach, OR Dr. Carson Jen in the ocean The Rock Starfish
Multnomah Falls Jackson, WY The Grand Tetons Thermopolis The Bighorn River
Shoshone Falls WY Reststop Mount Rushmore Mount Rushmore Mount Rushmore

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