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Sports in the Cosmos - The First 100 Years

Coe Wins 1st Football Game
November 1891

First Coe/Cornell Game
December 1891

"The Football Team" verse
March 1893

Coe/Lenox Football Game
December 1893

Coe/Lenox Field Day
June 1894

Football Team Disbanded
December 1896

Women's Basketball Practices in Dining Room
December 1901

Faculty Basketball Team
March 1905

Coe shuts out Normal (UNI) and Cornell (baseball)
May 1905

Coe Man-Illustration
October 1905

Coe over Cornell: Disputed Score
November 1905

Editorial Defends Coe
December 1905

Football: Coe vs. University of Iowa
November 1906

Football Season Review
December 1906

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