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The Presidents of Coe

The position of college president requires knowledge in education, finance, and leadership.  Many diverse individuals have served as president of Coe College.  Below, in chronological order, are the stories of the presidents of Coe who served from the college's creation to 1951.

Stephen Phelps (1881-1886)
James Marshall (1887-1896)
Samuel Black McCormick (1897-1904)
S.W. Stookey (Interim President 1904-1905)
William Wilburforce Smith (1905-1908)
John Marquis (1909-1919)
Harry Morehouse Gage (1920-1941)
C. Harve Geiger (Interim President 1941-1942)
Charles Albert Anderson (1942-1944)
C. Harve Geiger (Interim President 1944-1945)
Byron S. Hollinshead (1945-1950)
Edgar C. Cumings (1950-1951)
Howell Brooks (1951-1956)

Harry Morehouse Gage (Interim President 1956-1958)

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